Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent equipment?

Students will be provided with all the necessary paddling equipment for courses but we do not rent equipment of any kind outside of our courses.

Do I need to sign up with a partner for a tandem course?

Ideally you would sign up with a partner for tandem courses but it is not strictly necessary in all cases.  As tandem courses fill up, we may require remaining spots to be taken in pairs; this will show up as a "Contact us about ..." on the Schedule page.  If registration is still fully open and you sign up individually for a tandem course, you will either be paired up with another student or an instructor.  Note that tandem courses require a minimum of two students; you will receive a full refund if you sign up for a course that needs to be cancelled due to insufficient number of students.

What happens if a course is cancelled due to weather?

It is very unlikely that a course would be completely cancelled due to weather because we paddle rain or shine.  Typically, the course schedule would be adjusted to keep students off the water during any unsafe conditions by changing the times we are on the water but without changing the actual dates.  In the unlikely event a course is cancelled due to weather, you will either be moved to another date within the same calendar year or will be given a full refund.

Do you providing kayaking courses?

We do not provide kayaking courses of any kind.  To get information about kayaking courses either check the public course listing on the ORCKA website or email the ORCKA Kayaking chair.

I have been canoeing for a number of years but without formal instruction.  What course should I start with?

Each person's level of experience is different so feel free to contact us to determine the ideal starting point for you.  In general, if most of your experience is tandem canoeing on flatwater (including on canoe trips), the most appropriate starting point is likely Basic Canoeing Levels 1-3.

Are there age restrictions for your courses?