Basic Courses

Basic canoeing courses are introductory level canoeing courses that lay the foundation for all canoeing disciplines.

Introduction to Safe Canoeing (Tandem)

Introduction to Safe Canoeing provides first time paddlers with basic safety and performance information relevant to canoeing. This is a great course to introduce kids and families to canoeing.

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 3 hours

Basic Levels 1-3 (Tandem)

Basic Levels 1-3 offer an introduction to paddling traditional open canoes on flatwater. Basic Level 1 is an introduction to canoeing for participants who have little or no experience canoeing. Basic Levels 2 and 3 refine the paddling techniques to allow performing the maneuvers with more precision.

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 0.5 days per Basic Level

Notes: Basic Levels 1-3 can be done individually or combined into a single course covering multiple levels (e.g. 1-2, 2-3 or 1-3).

Basic Level 4 (Solo)

Basic Level 4 is an introduction to solo canoeing. It builds on the techniques learned in Basic Levels 1-3 and applies them to paddling a canoe solo.

Prerequisites: Basic Level 3 or comparable skills

Course Length: 1.5 days